Food for the Soil
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Compostable Items

First, reduce your use and try to reuse any item before discarding.  Just because it is compostable or recyclable, does not mean you should use a large supply of these items- such as paper bags or paper towels.  Reduce your use as well.                         
PLEASE NOTE: The Green Cone Digester will take ALL TYPES of FOOD WASTE and some pet waste, no paper or yard waste.   To see the Garden Gourmet Composter, link here.

Compostable Items

Foods  (green/wet, unless in brown)


Peels /skins, stems, cores leaves, & rinds, of vegetables (banana peels, onion skins, watermelon rind, etc).  Chop or cut into smaller pieces


Eggshells,  nutshells, old nuts or seeds (not weed seeds)


Old herbs and spices , coffee grounds, used tea bags


Expired foods such as pastas, cereals.  No meats, cheese, fish and dairy.  These can be put in a digester.  Link to it.


Plate scrapings.    
No meat, cheese, fish, or dairy.  These can be put in a digester.  Link to it.   


Paper products  (Brown/ DRY)



Napkins and paper towels, tissues, shredded paper bags 


Shredded paper, receipts and parts of confidential documents.  Non-glossy.  Ink-is it soy based or bio-friendly?

Paper egg cartons- shredded/ torn 



Paper towel and toilet rolls- the cardboard; these can also be made into pots for seed starters

Cardboard – 1st recycle or save to make a new flowerbed  


Parchment paper

Don’t forget These!


Wooden toothpicks, bamboo skewers, popsicle sticks and ice cream sticks 


Hair – people or pet hair.  Preferably non-dyed / chemical free

(compost activator),   Wine corks,   brewing grains


Floor Dust  -without glass or chemicals. Sawdust from non-treated wood


Cellophane and some compostable plastic alternatives

Pet bedding
(Rabbits, hamsters, & other herbivores), their waste is great for your garden. No dog or cat manure.  Do these in a special bin.  See digester.

Yard Waste, Flowers:

Leaves ( not walnut), cuttings and cleanup- without herbicide & pesticide, avoid weeds with seeds and diseased plants

 Grass clippings: first grasscycle or mulch your yard

Dried or dead  flower bouquets and their water

Not These, PLease        Not these, please

Fish, meats,

Cheese , Milk, Dairy

  Fats and oils

  Metals, plastic, glass, rubber, glossy paper

Dog or cat feces/waste.  May do in a special bin

Chemicals; chemically treated items

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